Our Commitment to the Profession and the Community

We firmly believe that the legal profession is a noble calling. Each attorney privileged to practice law makes a non-negotiable commitment to dedication, integrity and candor. Musolino & Dessel never loses sight of its duty to its clients, and to the courts and other tribunals in which it practices.

We also believe in being good citizens of the wider legal community. The firm’s attorneys have been active for many years in developing legal education programs, lecturing, and professional presentations on a variety of subjects. The firm’s members are also longstanding board members of the Robert A. Shuker Scholarship Fund, a charitable organization of lawyers and judges which provides scholarships for deserving students in the Washington area.

Our Commitment to Excellence and Efficiency

At Musolino & Dessel, we offer excellence backed by experience. As the firm’s individual profiles reflect, each attorney has over 20 years of hands-on experience in his or her areas of practice. Comfortable in every litigation environment, the firm’s attorneys also provide the knowledge, perspective, and attention to detail that is crucial to transactional representation at every stage from planning to contract negotiations and document preparation. Their competence and efficiency is enhanced by the collegiality of the firm. The attorneys themselves have been friends and colleagues for many years, and they work with their clients in a productive atmosphere of respect and cooperation.

Seriousness of purpose is imbued in all employees. The firm is pleased that its paralegals and interns consistently elect to become lawyers. These young women and men been admitted to law schools including: Brooklyn, Columbia, Fordham, Georgetown, Harvard, University of Chicago, University of Miami, American, George Mason and Yale. They have gone on to succeed as federal judicial law clerks, attorneys at the Department of Justice and other well-regarded federal agencies, general counsel of a prestigious Los Angeles bank, and as attorneys at major law firms in Washington and New York.

Our traditional principles do not mean resistance to technological change. The firm remains at the forefront of innovation, with a near paperless office, state of the art conference facilities, secure remote access, leading demonstration software and electronic operations management.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

Musolino & Dessel prizes the loyalty and the confidence of our clients, many of whom have been with the firm’s attorneys for nearly 20 years. We represent publicly-traded corporations, high net worth individuals and their families, governmental agencies, small businesses, and African tribes, as well as individuals from our local community, around the country and overseas.

In each case, our approach is fundamental: we strive to prove to every client that it really is possible to obtain the finest legal representation at reasonable cost. We place our relationships with our clients above fee maximization or short-term firm profit (yes, really). We pride ourselves on charging reasonable fees, and on working efficiently to control expenses billed to clients. We do this while providing the same level of committed and skilled legal representation expected from the largest (and most expensive) law firms in Washington.

We know that, as attorneys, we become public representatives of our clients. As experienced trial lawyers, we long ago learned the value of aggressiveness and imagination, always with civility, composure and patience. Discourtesy, or pugnacity for its own sake, rarely produces anything other than unnecessary expense. At Musolino & Dessel, we have proven time and time again that professionalism is what prevails, in the courtroom and the conference room. We will always project that demeanor on behalf of our clients.

About Us

Musolino & Dessel embraces the honor and the responsibility of the profession, and rejects the notion that the practice of law is mere business. Our defining “niche” is not a single concentration, but rather, our approach to the practice of law.

The firm offers its clients skilled, sophisticated and efficient representation on matters ranging from complex international litigation to the formation and operation of non-profit organizations. We do so with highly-talented, disciplined and dedicated attorneys working in a firm defined by its professionalism, collegiality and devotion to its clients and the profession.