The Firm’s international commercial, arbitration and human rights practice boasts successful representation of the full spectrum of clients on matters arising principally in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Western Europe. With many millions of dollars of positive international outcomes to its credit, the Firm understands both the intricacies of international transactional requirements, and the multifold forums and   remedies which are realistically available when those transactions fail. 

But the Firm’s international practice at its heart is the pursuit of human rights and the vindication of the rights which would be beyond the reach of those who do not themselves have any opportunity for redress.  Inevitably, these matters are the most difficult, and, unlike the Firm’s more conventional practice, success is not the predictable result of skill, dedication and worthy clients. As with its Washington and US-based commercial practice, however, the Firm will continue to pursue relentlessly its clients’ human rights goals.  


The Firm has enjoyed enormous success in the District of Columbia practice which was and is the Firm’s foundation.  With more than 75 combined years of real trial experience, the Firm counts among its clients a number of lawyers, law firms and judges. It has secured in District of Columbia local and federal courts seven figure judgments for plaintiffs,  and defense verdicts and defense decisions for corporations, high net worth defendants, and other clients seeking the best of  legal representation  from attorneys who believe that the practice of law is a profession, not a business for transferring a client’s wealth to her lawyers.  

The Firm has successfully managed class actions as both plaintiffs’ class counsel and as defense counsel in the District of Columbia and has successfully represented hundreds of named plaintiffs in single or consolidated actions. The firm’s attorneys regularly and efficiently handle hundreds of ongoing actions for its property management clients while maintaining the firm’s high standards and devoting the attention each individual case demands.  

Recognized among colleagues and peers for their abilities, dedication and integrity, the Firm’s attorneys regularly speak before the bench and the bar, and enthusiastically accept appointments from the court to assist the court or litigants who cannot afford to pursue their own claims. They also serve on the court committees which review and revise the rules of practice of the courts in which they regularly appear.


The Firm has conducted complex litigation in cases involving business tort, commercial disputes, regulatory and procurement claims and wrongful death. This has resulted in very successful litigation, arbitration and discovery in Washington, New York, Chicago,  San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Baltimore , Richmond, Austin, St. Louis,  and San Juan, PR.

The Firm aggressively incorporates into its traditional ideals every technological advance, including heavily-secure remote access, electronic and paperless storage, and videoconferencing, to ensure that the Firm and its clients have every logistical and professional advantage anywhere in the United States.